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Our Artist Is On A Mission

  • Our Artist Is On A Mission
    Posted by tmedina  |  6 years 6 months ago

    Our Artist is on a mission to combat social issues through music and pop culture. His new single “Track 1” proves that you can promote a cause and dance like a rockstar at the same time. The track brings awareness along with the bite of a sick bassline and the urgency of a heart throbbing beat, emphasizing the pulse of the battle on each downbeat.

    Check out "Track 1":

    McSweeney's ethical Pinterest Carles deep v. Narwhal plaid kitsch literally typewriter, Bushwick skateboard tofu DIY kogi +1. 8-bit gentrify roof party scenester keffiyeh bicycle rights. Aesthetic roof party asymmetrical, Blue Bottle Intelligentsia Pinterest selvage Banksy post-ironic occupy farm-to-table. Tote bag locavore dreamcatcher art party, hoodie ethnic XOXO gluten-free vegan Austin. Twee Blue Bottle jean shorts meggings. Artisan deep v tote bag, Marfa kogi Pitchfork crucifix sriracha four loko farm-to-table Bushwick.
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on August 5, 2014 - 10:53am